Our Brand

We started Travel Freek because We are on a mission to save the planet, That's why a portion of our sales are donated to The Conservation Fund. 

Donating to a charitable foundation or a favourite cause displays the best of human nature. Those blessed with a little extra can support a worthy cause, and the donation can be given in the name of a chosen gift recipient.




Tired of big brand markups, we decided to deliver a product to the consumer at a better price than they're getting now.


Along the way, we have achieved in delivering our promise to the world by giving back. We have thousands of satisfied and happy customers. It literally bring tears to our eyes to see that we have touched so many lives with our small acts of kindness. We were only 2 when we started and now we have such a huge family.


If there's one thing we love to do, it's charity. By giving them a percentage of our revenue, we are able to give back. 

Project TRAVEL FREEK is aiming to support raising the public awareness of environmental issues by funding research and education programs. We can all strive to help make the changes necessary to provide a healthier future for our planet.



If there's one thing we love to do, it's collaborating. We’ve worked with a bunch of pretty amazing people to create tons of epic products for you to love and basically be obsessed with forever and ever, and the fun certainly doesn’t stop there!


If you've read this long, message us on our IG @thetravelfreek.There is a surprise gift for you.




Love x

Travel Freek CEO